Towing Services in Houston, TX

Tow Jam provides various services to help consumers get their vehicles back into operation, as well as certain transport services.  We do this in a timely, reliable, and affordable manner.  Check out our list of towing and roadside assistance services for the Houston area below.   Serving Dallas, Fort Worth, North Houston, and surrounding areas 24 hours a day since 1997, we bring you the safest, most efficient tow truck fleet in Houston!

Tow Jam Light & Medium Duty Towing

Light and Medium Towing

We will tow your car whether it is broken down on the side of the road, has a flat tire, or is damaged from a wreck with another car to the point that you cannot drive it.  We can handle compact cars to school buses, and accident towing is available at no out-of-pocket payment.  Just contact us for details.

Tow Jam Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

Call us when you need gas, a tire inflation or change, a jump for your battery, or lockout service. If we can’t get your car back on the road with one of these quick fixes, we will tow you to the nearest service center of your choice, or by our recommendation.

Tow Jam Winch-Outs

Winch-Out Service

We can pull your vehicle from a ditch or other off-road area where the vehicle is stuck.  We carefully perform winch-outs so we do not damage vehicles.

Tow Jam Large Equipment Transport

Transporting Large Equipment & Items

Do you have a large piece of equipment or another item that you need to move from one place to another place?  We can handle most things, from work equipment, to the size of that little snow cone shop around the corner at the mall part of the year.

Tow Jam Light & Medium Duty Towing

Great Customer Service

Our staff is highly professional, and always treats you with the utmost of courtesy.  We please customers so much that we maintain an A+ rating with the local Better Business Bureau.  We have a reputation for being the “Finest Towing Company in the North Dallas Area”.


He quickly assessed the situation, getting on the ground, all around the car, and was able to set my car free. was so happy with the service and he helped make the best out of a terrible situation.

My insurance company recommended tow jam to me when I was in need of a tow track . Dag came quicker then expected and I greatly appreciated his service!

I don't always need a tow truck, but when I do again, I'll use Tow Jam!!!!! That driver was fantastic! Took extra care in loading my El Camino and dropped it off in the EXACT spot I needed it in my driveway.